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Available Dental Plans

Browse the following chart of discount dental plans in your area by Best Savings, Largest Network or Balanced Plans. Your plan option chart features plans by price, by savings range, by network size and by classification.

All of our plans feature a 30-day trial.

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Dental Plan Guide

Use the guide below to decide
which type of plan is the best fit
for you and your family.

Plan Legend

Best Savings Icon Best Savings
These plans offer the greatest savings at the dental office. Fee schedules are available so you will always know what you’ll pay for discounted services.

Largest Networks Icon Largest Networks
These plans have more dentists to choose from, and you’ll still save! Your dentist can advise you what services will cost.

Balanced Plans Icon Balanced Plans
Our balanced plans feature large networks, deep savings and fee schedules. It’s a balance of both in an affordable dental plan designed to help you choose your dentist and save.

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