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Which plan will work for you?

Whether you’re searching for a plan that will bring you the deepest discounts on your dental care, the greatest access to dental provider options, or the perfect blend of both, our classifications of Best Savings, Largest Network and Balanced Plan will help you pick the plan that’s best for you. Simply look for these icons throughout, and search for any plan you want, any way you want. We take the guesswork out of your search for the perfect dental plan, offering you savings and access to care with any of our industry-best plan and provider options.

Best Savings icon Best Savings

These plans offer the lowest prices at the dental office. Fee schedules are available so
you will always know what you’ll pay for dental services. Click here for a sample of the savings for one of our Best Savings plans.

Largest Network icon Largest Network

These plans have the most dentists to choose from, and you’ll still get great savings! Your dentist can advise you what services will cost. Click here for a sample of the savings from our Largest Network plans.

Balanced Plan icon Balanced Plan

Our Balanced Plans feature both savings and more dentist choices. It’s a balance of both in an affordable dental plan designed to help with more dentist choices and great value. Click here for a sample of the savings from one of our Balanced Plan options.

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