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What is a Discount Dental Plan?

A discount dental plan is a great way to save on dental care for you and your family. With a discount dental plan, you simply visit a participating dentist, show your membership card, receive your dental treatment and enjoy significant savings at the time of service.
It’s that easy!

Because the discount dental plans we feature on are not insurance, we feature plans with these
unique advantages:

Check Mark Include your entire household with a family plan. There are no restrictions!
Check Mark Start saving immediately. There is no waiting!
Check Mark Visit any participating general dentist or specialist, and save!
Check Mark Save on every visit, and use the plan as much as you want. There are no limits on use!

Here's how it works.
Step 1 Sign-up.
Step 2 Schedule your appointment with a participating dentist.
Step 3 Show your program membership card at the time of service.
Step 4 Receive your preventive, routine or specialty dental treatment.
Step 5 Pay the discounted fee at the time of service - just by being a plan member!

Our discount dental plans make it easy to use and simple to save again and again!

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